Making art accessible and inspiring you to create your own stories:

Low key, scandinavian art from the heart of the westcoast archipelago.


Welcome to WIDA STORIES. This is a space about simplicity. About calmness. And about gratitude for the small things in life.
Oh! And a homage to our love for melancholic ambients, grey skies and oceans.
In our search for good light and minimalistic spaces, we hope to inspire you to create your own magical stories.


Indira Sundberg:

Product designer, engineer and abstract artist

As long as I can remember, art has always been a part of me. My father was an artist and as a 3-year-old I remember sitting in his studio (well… in fact it was actually more of a storage space in a basement, surrounded by chicken wire), observing him create everything from oil paintings to screen printing and going sculpturing walls for restaurants in the 90’s.

Slowly, my own exploration began.
I experimented with watercolors, charcoal, pencil, graphic design and what-not. Never made friends with oil painting though. It seemed so scary for some reason. Until I discovered the more easy way of acrylics. That was when my abstract style began growing.

As a 25-year-old I graduated from university, becoming an engineer with product development & design focus, imagining myself working as a product designer. But life has it’s way, and I ended up working as an automotive engineering manager. I love my job to the point where I even enjoy Mondays. It’s a creative and fun job that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Fast forward to 2022. As a 43-year-old I travelled to Lofoten in northern Norway during the autumn. The magical light and the magnificent nature of the arctic inspired me to pick up my brush again after some years on hold. That trip became the starting point of new chapters in my life and resulted in my debut collection, ”Lofoten”.

”I want to inspire you to create your own stories.”
— Indira Sundberg



I want to make art accessible for people.  

I see my art as portals that inspire you to create your own stories, chapters and books. I believe that every painting will find it’s owner, sometimes sooner and sometimes later. The alchemy that occurs when a painting and an observer starts talking to eachother is a magical thing to whitness. For me, art is a two-way dialogue and a verb. It is something that does something to people. And when that beautiful conversation starts, that is when I feel like an alchemist. Not in the sense that everything I touch turns into gold, but more like all of my paint on a canvas turns into magic when it finds the right spirit to ignite it kind of way.

You + me = alchemy.

That might seem a bit of a magniloquent thing to say, but it is exactly how I feel when the creativity flow puts it’s claws in me and all of my mastery and intention eternalized on a canvas does something, to someone, somewhere.

That is when it all makes sense for me.