Making art accessible and inspiring you to create your own stories:

Low key, scandinavian art from the heart of the westcoast archipelago.


Welcome to WIDA STORIES. This is a space about simplicity. About calmness. And about gratitude for the small things in life.
Oh! And a homage to our love for melancholic ambients, grey skies and oceans.
In our search for good light and minimalistic spaces, we hope to inspire you to create your own magical stories.


Indira Sundberg:

Artist, engineer and minimalist 

Indira Sundberg (b.1979) holds a B.Sc. in Product development and Design and is a Gothenburg-based artist, engineer and minimalist. Her artwork is conscious, sublime, and intentional. She works at the quantum levels needed to tap into the observer’s attention; her aim is to create with such empathy and mastery that the right mix of energies, eons, colors, and shapes transmit a frequency that invites the audience into her world of stories. Or simply put; making art that calls to you, something you feel a connection to. 

Distilled through nature, her process is deliberate and delicate; she finds most of her inspiration in overcast skies, moody oceans, and mysterious woods. She then adds fragments of her own life, tops everything off with a pinch of Scandi Noir or Wabi Sabi and ultimately seals everything in authentic craftmanship. Residing in the archipelago, nature is constantly present in her life. Reminding her that art is everywhere. 

Although she prefers to use subtle colors and materials, she is always exploring. Constantly challenging status quo, experimenting and looking for new combinations, in a process she refers to as alchemic art. It’s when her intention put on a canvas and ignited by someone’s emotion creates this vibe that cannot be explained, but only felt, that fascinates her and reminds her of alchemy.

You + me = alchemy!

She has exhibited in art fairs with “Lofoten” (2022) and “Into the new” (2023) and recently performed her debut solo show with “Ikigai” (2023).



I want to make art accessible for people.  

I see my art as portals that inspire you to create your own stories, chapters and books. I believe that every painting will find it’s owner, sometimes sooner and sometimes later. The alchemy that occurs when a painting and an observer starts talking to eachother is a magical thing to whitness. For me, art is a two-way dialogue and a verb. It is something that does something to people. And when that beautiful conversation starts, that is when I feel like an alchemist. Not in the sense that everything I touch turns into gold, but more like all of my paint on a canvas turns into magic when it finds the right spirit to ignite it kind of thing.

”I want to inspire you to create your own stories.”
— Indira Sundberg